How to Play Lightning Roulette

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Lightning Roulette

The game of roulette is an enjoyable and highly profitable game that has been played for many years, dating back to the internet age. The country where roulette is located is known as America, and the players have recently been highly diversified. Offering roulette in different versions, Evolution Gaming, the giant of online casino infrastructure, first brought players together with its “double ball” version.
For many years, “double ball” roulette continued to be popularly played on the internet, during this period it was included in additional games such as speed roulette and auto roulette. Roulette has become accepted by players all over the world and has reached millions of players with advice.
Evolution Gaming did not leave this success limited to these games, but introduced a game called Lightning roulette to the players in 2017. Lightning roulette appealed to millions of players in a very short time and achieved a huge difference in standard roulette.

How to Play

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It is no different from standard roulette and croupiers turn the ball in line with the bets made on 36 numbers. The tactics of each player in the roulette game are different, some player color, some player region, and some player completely number.
In standard roulette, you got the highest wins when you hit numbers. For example, if you put 10 on the number 8, let’s assume that the bet comes. Lightning roulette increased these winnings up to 500 times.
We want you to know that you can get these high wins from numbers in Lightning roulette. There is no X gain in the guess parts such as color, region. You can earn high profits only from bets on numbers.
For example, you bet on 10 numbers and the bets are closed, then the dealer spins the ball. While the ball is spinning, the system determines 3 to 5 lucky numbers and displays X marks on these numbers. For example, you bet on the number 21 and that hand is burning 500X. If the ball falls to 21, your earnings will be reflected in your account as 500 times your bet amount.

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