Casino Ivanka Live Casino Games

Casino Ivanka Live Casino Games

Casino Ivanka live casino site has a lot of live casino games. The most important of these are classic live casino games and new generation games are offered to casino players. Some of those games are:


Poker, which is the most preferred of live casino games, is a very profitable and enjoyable game to play. There are many types of live casino poker game. To play and win the game of poker, you must have set your own strategy. You need good experience to develop your strategy.
Poker game is the most preferred game among live casino games. If you do not have experience playing poker, you cannot win in this game. The poker game is played around a table and with a maximum of 10 people. The poker game is played with a deck of cards. In order to play poker, players try to collect the best five by using the cards other than the cards dealt to their hands. Live Poker game progresses clockwise on the table.


Casino roulette is monitored online on the screen where a dealer and a roulette table are located. The dealer has a ball left on the rotating roulette table, and when that ball stops somewhere, either the players or the house win. You can play anytime and anywhere with internet access. If the winning party is one of the players at the end of the game, they will win with the odds according to the bet made. Due to the high demand, it has led to the emergence of different types of roulette games. It is possible to play all kinds of roulette games played in a real casino environment, thanks to advanced technology, in a live casino environment.

Other Live Casino Games:

Games offered by many new generation game providers such as Crazy Time, Lightning roulette are also available on the Casino Ivanka live casino site. In this way, live casino players can play the games they want without getting bored, and win while having fun.

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